CleanSeas kingfish death: $700,000 setback

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 7th September 2010

Cleanseas faces another blow, after announcing today that up to 80 tonnes of kingfish died at the company’s Arno Bay facility on Thursday last week, as a result of human error – a mistake that may cost the company up to $700,000.

The fish died after a bathing round – a process designed to clean the farmed fish of parasites and reduce disease.

This is the latest blow for the Port Lincoln company, taking a hit on the ASX in April after reporting the death of its tuna fingerlings at 40 days old in February this year, and reporting ongoing losses.

CleanSeas company secretary Frank Knight said that the company considered the event to be a one-off loss, and that an investigation and review of bathing procedures is in progress.