Salmon success at Fine Foods for young chef

Posted by Josette Dunn on 29th September 2010

Brisbane apprentice chef Richard Pascoe (20) has taken out top honours at this year’s Fine Foods Awards in Victoria, winning The Regal King Salmon Seafood Main Course Live Challenge amongst a plethora of other awards.

Richard was one of a number of young competitors proving that age is no barrier to good taste at the different culinary challenges that took place as part of the Australian Culinary Challenge at Fine Foods in Victoria last week.

Richard walked away with four prestigious awards – including the Regal King Salmon Seafood Main Course Live Challenge, Most Outstanding Junior Chef/Culinary Arts, MLA Beef and Lamb Main Course Live Challenge and Australian Culinary Challenge Junior Chef of the Year.

As an apprentice at the premier private venue The Brisbane Club, Richard has learnt to master the art of cooking with seafood as he works under head chefs in the club’s respected seafood section.

Richard say his success in the Regal King Salmon Seafood Main Course Live Challenge in large part to his familiarity with working with premium quality salmon.

His winning dish was a pan seared Regal King Salmon fillet, smoked belly flaked with anchoiade, dressed broad beans, white bean puree, red grape tomato, asparagus salad with hazelnut dressing, parmesan foam.

Richard has 12 months to go in his apprenticeship at The Brisbane Club, following which he wants to travel next year and expand his culinary knowledge.

Richard’s winning recipe from the Regal King Salmon Seafood Main Course Live Challenge is:


Smoked Regal King Salmon belly flaked with anchoiade

– 80g Regal King Salmon belly
– 50g white anchovies
– 1 confit garlic clove
– 1 sprig thyme
– 3 basil leafs, chiffonnade
– 1 tsp dijon mustard
– 1 tsp apple vinegar
– 150 ml olive oil

White bean puree:
– 150g white beans
– 2 cups cream
– 1 sprig thyme

Blend all ingredients bar the salmon and the basil. Flake the salmon and add to the mix, together with the basil chiffonnade. Cook the white beans in the cream with the thyme. Puree. Serve salmon with white bean puree.

Asparagus salad with Hazelnut dressing and Parmesan foam

– 10 asparagus spears

Hazelnut dressing:
– 100ml olive oil
– 20 ml white wine vinegar
– 1 tsp Dijon mustard
– 20 g crushed hazelnuts

Parmesan foam:
– 200 ml milk
– 200 ml cream
– 100g parmesan
– 1 sprig thyme
– sucro

Steep the parmesan in the milk and cream with the thyme. Strain and add sucro. Blitz the mix together to create foam. Peel asparagus thinly and blanch and refresh. Mix ingredients for Hazelnut dressing together, and dress asparagus with the mixture.