new itakeaway app to revolutionise takeaway ordering

Posted by Josette Dunn on 8th October 2010

itakeaway, an innovative Australian idea for ordering takeaway food online with a single touch on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, is set to revolutionise the takeaway food industry worldwide.

itakeaway Chief Executive, Tony Peter saw the opportunity to launch an Australian owned and operated system that would generate more business for restaurants and takeaway food outlets and at the same time make it more convenient for consumers to order from the widest variety of foods possible, all in an instant.

Recognising that 1 in 33 people in Australia have an iPhone or iPod Touch, Tony and his team developed an interactive self-administered website that would save the restaurant time, staff and money. It also enables consumers to order takeaway food online with a free iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad App.

His belief in the system is boosted by the fact there were 9.6 million active internet subscribers in Australia at the end of June 2010.

Another feature of itakeaway is the clever use of Google Maps, if you are out of town or in an area you’re not familiar with, you can still order takeaway and locate the restaurant easily.

“Restaurateurs will no longer have to invest in costly website, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad design and development because itakeaway has produced all the technical software for them,” Tony says.

itakeaway’s interactive website is dynamic in that restaurant orders are automatically generated and confirmed, customer databases are automatically updated and the restaurants receive comprehensive financial and sales reports as well as live online technical support 24/7.

“The comforting aspect for restaurateurs is that they control and update their own website and iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App in real time 24/7,” comments Tony.

“Essentially itakeaway is designed to streamline takeaway operations by freeing up staff attending to phone orders, providing total accuracy with each order and eliminating the ‘stand-up order’, with the added benefit of not having customers standing around the entrance waiting for their orders,” he says.

With more than 300 restaurants already signed up and many more coming on board daily, Tony describes the response so far as ‘fantastic’.

“We have Chinese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Indian, Spanish and Japanese outlets already online. You name it, we have it,” he says.

itakeaway is  100% Australian owned and operated, and is the first company worldwide to develop and offer an online iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch App for ordering takeaway food. You can even place orders using your office or home computer.

Clearly the success of this new app rests on the marketers ability to quickly sign up enough restaurateurs & home delivery outlets to make the offer relevent to a wide geographic target audience.