Grill’d Airstream brings burgers to the people

Posted by Josette Dunn on 13th October 2010

Burger connoisseurs have been enjoying the Grill’d experience of burgers ‘made with love’ since the first restaurant opened in Melbourne’s Hawthorn in 2004. Now the burger love is going mobile with the arrival of the Grill’d Airstream which will be making appearances across Sydney and Melbourne this summer.The Grill’d Airstream, iconic in style and design, is a unique take on the traditional burger van. Airstream caravans have a classic cult status in the US and we’re pretty certain this is the first time one has hit the streets of Australia for use as a mobile restaurant.

Imported as a shell from the US and designed and custom-fitted locally in Australia, the Grill’d Airstream is more than just a food van. Incorporating state of the art kitchen facilities with the ability to be completely self-powered, the Grill’d Airstream can get off the beaten track and truly deliver on its promise of bringing burgers to the people.

Founder and managing director of Grill’d, Simon Crowe said the rationale behind the Grill’d Airstream was to spread the word about the Grill’d mission to “make burgers good again”.

“Having spent our fair share of sunny days at festivals, concerts and the like, we realised it was hard to find a decent meal , let alone a good burger, at these events.

There’s been a trend overseas that’s seen great tasting food breaking out of the restaurant and going mobile and here in Australia, Grill’d wants to be the leader of this new revolution. No more dodgy dim sims on the road, Australians can now enjoy the country’s best burgers at any number of events.”

Grill’d won’t be compromising on the quality of their burgers just because it’s coming from a van. They’ll still be using the highest quality, freshest ingredients to make their burgers the old-fashioned way, just as you’ve come to expect from Grill’d.

“We wanted to ensure anyone enjoying a burger from the Grill’d Airstream received the same quality experience they’d expect at one of our restaurants. To achieve this we’ve essentially fitted one of our restaurant kitchens into the confines of an Airstream van, which is no mean feat,” Crowe said.

Grill’d have big things planned for the Grill’d Airstream this summer. Expect to see them and about all over the place – festivals, concerts, you name it. Wherever there’s fun, and the need for a decent burger, Grill’d plan to be there.

To help celebrate the arrival of the Grill’d Airstream it will be embarking on a ‘Burger Love Tour’ across Melbourne and Sydney over the next few months, popping up at select iconic locations in each city, shouting a free burger and a good time to those who are lucky enough to come across the Grill’d Airstream.

Helping to bring the Burger Love Tour to life will be the team behind Secret Wars, a live art experience that turns creativity into sport with two artists battling it out over 90 minutes to create a unique piece of art using only black paint and markers on a plain white canvas.

The artists will be given themes for their live art influenced by the locations on the Burger Love Tour, which will include Sydney’s Circular Quay and iconic Bondi Beach. Melburnians can expect to find the Grill’d Airstream popping up in the CBD and St Kilda. Full dates and locations for the Grill’d Burger Love Tour will be announced shortly.

For more information about the Grill’d Airstream and the Burger Love Tour visit

Sydney – Grill’d Airstream public appearances

Circular Quay

Wednesday 20 October


Bondi Beach

Saturday 23 September