Food lawyer questions FSANZ Nano analysis

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th May 2019

FoodLegal co-principal Joe Lederman has provided commentary on an ABC news story today that raised concerns about Titanium Dioxide in Nano form particles being used in some foods and other products as a whitening agent.

Lederman’s comments were posted on LinkedIn today.
This is what was posted:

“The Australian Broadcasting Corporation News today mentioned latest research concerns about the same issue I wrote an article in FoodLegal Bulletin almost 3 years earlier. My August 2016 article concerned some serious health safety risks being identified in 2015 in scientific research papers about titanium dioxide in its nano form.

My article explained the need for improving Nanotechnology scientific testing protocols in Australia and I explained the weaknesses in the analysis that had been conducted at the time by FSANZ, which is the bi-national Australia and New Zealand governments agency responsible for food composition and labelling and safety standards in both countries.

My article incorporated some parts of a presentation I delivered to the global Food Lawyers Network meeting in Milan at the Expo Milano in October 2015. Here is link to a free copy of my article that appeared in August 2016 in FoodLegal “

The article can be viewed here: