New Kraft cheese lowers cholesterol

Posted by Josette Dunn on 5th November 2010

Kraft liveactive is the first Australian cheese enriched with plant sterols proven to lower cholesterol.

Kraft liveactive cheese range is specially formulated to lower cholesterol. They contain plant sterols, which have been extensively researched for their blood cholesterol lowering ability.


These plant substances are naturally found in foods such as nuts and cereals and have been extensively studied for their noted cholesterol-lowering benefit.

Plant sterols are very similar to cholesterol in their chemical structure. And because of this similarity, they actually compete with cholesterol for absorption in the gut.

When consumed in sufficient amounts, plant sterols can block cholesterol from entering the blood stream. So daily consumption of plant sterols can help to bring down blood cholesterol levels over time.

When tested in clinical studies, cheese containing plant sterols was shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels by up to 10% for people with cholesterol levels above the healthy range. (Individual results are influenced by many factors including age, current blood cholesterol levels and metabolism.)

Watching your fat intake? Kraft liveactive cheese has the lowest fat per serve compared to spreads and milk products enriched with plant sterols on the Australian market (as of August 2010). Two serves, containing the recommended amount of 2g of plant sterols per day, provides less than 5g of fat.