Pies now being sold at gyms, Garlo’s latest campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 24th October 2016

Garlo’s Pies are trialling its new ‘Muscle Pie’ which is described as being high in protein.

The pies will be sold in Sydney based gyms to begin with.

Garlo’s Pies say that their Muscle Pie product provides 26.4g of protein each 220g serve, compared with only 20g from the average protein bar.

The Muscle Pie adds its extra protein solely through meat, no protein powder has been added to the pie.

Sean Garlick, former NRL player and Managing Director of Garlo’s Pies, said the pie is an opportunity to provide Australians with an alternative to the typical options found in gyms.

“Everybody knows that red meat is a brilliant source of protein – but to bring and cook a slab of beef at the gym isn’t the easiest thing to do,” Garlick said.

“The Muscle Pie is simply a convenient and tasty way to bulk up –  by partnering with these excellent Sydney gyms I believe that this pie is in the best possible position to reach the right audiences,” he said.

Meat pie follows high protein trend

Garlo’s Muscle Pies is the latest in a long list of food and beverage companies catering to the health conscious wanting more protein in their diets.

In Israel, a number of innovative protein foods are being made and sold including:

  • Mankai – a vegetable protein ingredient released by a company called Hinoman
  • ProtyPlus – a protein snack
  • High-protein legume and quinoa seeds – developed by Israeli startup Equinom

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