Refreshing citrus innovations at Brau Beviale

Posted by Josette Dunn on 5th November 2010

Symrise is presenting its new beverage concepts at the Brau Beviale trade fair in Nuremberg. The focus this year is on NATURALLY CITRUS!®, emphasizing citrus as a multi-facetted classic in water, juice, soda, blended beer and liqueur.


Today’s beverage market has more dimensions than ever before. Consumers turn to different drinks, depending on the occasion, but their overall preferences shift more and more frequently. One thing remains constant, however: over half of the non-alcoholic drinks consumed across the globe are citrus beverages. The kick of a citrus flavor continues to be a solid favorite in everything from classics such as orange juice to tangy sodas and mixed-beer beverages.

Stephan Räker, Category Development Director of Non-Alcoholic Beverages EAME at Symrise, explains consumer preferences: “Citrus gives people freshness and tanginess – orange and lemon flavors in particular have always had a certain exotic touch. At the same time, though, they are well-established, and they delight a wide audience.” Symrise has addressed these consumer wishes and is creating new interpretations of familiar favorites among citrus notes. These refreshing concepts are based on the product segments of water, juice, soda, blended beer and liqueur.

Cornelia Lichter, Marketing Director Beverages EAME at Symrise, adds: “We are even going a step further. We have set ourselves the task of anticipating upcoming trends and setting them ourselves: to do this, we are using wide-ranging consumer-research methods. Among other things, we are using the Internet to explore the roots of people’s flavor preferences.”

An overview of the most important beverage innovations:

Juice: Agrumes
“Agrumes” is French for citrus fruits – and that’s exactly what this exceptional and refreshing drink tastes of. Agrumes blends different citrus flavors: the peel of lemon, zesty lime, fruity mandarin, bitter grapefruit and juicy orange. These flavors are especially well-known and enjoyed in Italy and France.

Water: Citrus Lifeforce
An isotonic sports drink enriched with caffeine and vitamins, Citrus Lifeforce naturally enhances the body’s performance. The beverage has a pleasant flavor that gives consumers something new to enjoy.

Water: Tropical Citrus
Tropical Citrus is a fruit-flavored vitamin water with five important vitamins – a low-calorie near-water soft drink with a healthy added value.

Soda: Good Value Orange
A sparkling thirst-quencher: this carbonated soft drink contains only 1% juice but the full-fruit orange taste of a citrus soda. An economical alternative to regular soft drinks.

Beer-mix beverage: 7 Citrus
A tangy blended beer with seven different citrus fruits: 7 Citrus will delight consumers with a multi-facetted flavor sensation. It complements the popular combination of citrus and beer by offering a full and multi-layered flavor.

Beer-mix beverage: ISO!
A full-bodied non-alcoholic alternative to beer: with only 1% alcohol, ISO! has the typical flavor of beer, perfectly rounded out with a shot of grapefruit-lemon. “BrewTopia®” flavorings play up the beer profile and create a well-rounded and delicious blend of beer and citrus.

Liqueur: Grapefruit-ginger liqueur
This liqueur with a 25% alcohol content features a blend of grapefruit and ginger, two enticing flavors. Grapefruit is captivating with its unique combination of bitter and sweet notes, while ginger – not commonly found in alcoholic beverages – gives this liqueur a special something!

The Brau Beviale is the European beverage industry’s most important trade fair. This year, some 1,400 exhibitors will present their trends and innovations about the production and marketing of beer and non-alcoholic beverages.