Launching the soil free, zero-gravity indoor garden

Posted by Media Release Agency on 12th March 2020

A soil-free, time-efficient indoor garden packed in a beautiful, modern award-winning design, Rotofarm, launched on Indiegogo on Tuesday 10th March 2020. It has already surpassed its $15,000 goal by a staggering $179,000 as of Thursday 12th March 2020.

Rotofarm combines the power of NASA-inspired zero-gravity technology, energy-efficient sunlight spectrum lighting and smart app automation for the easiest, most efficient and most effective growing experience. 

Consumers can:

Save Space — Uses 3x less space as flat garden
Save Time — Only needs 5 minutes/week of care
Save Water — Use 95% less water than soil
Save Energy — Energy-efficient boosted-spectrum LED
Save Hassle — No soil, no mess, no worry

Consumers can grow their favourite vegetables, herbs and microgreens up to 2x faster, using less space, water and energy. All you need to do is plant pre-seeded pods into plant slots, fill with water and nutrients and monitor and control the process via the Rotofarm App. 

Requiring no soil, 95% less watering, automatic lighting and full control from your phone, Rotofarm is fully automated. One needs spend a mere 5 minutes of maintenance per week for perfect results!

Rotofarm seeks to enable people around the world to get healthy, nutrient-filled foods without pesticides or chemicals. By producing your vegetables and herbs directly at home, you know that your food is coming from a 100% safe, sustainable and protected environment.