Pizza hut delivers world’s first edible facebook gift

Posted by Josette Dunn on 3rd December 2010

Social networking is exploding at a rapid rate and now in a world first, Pizza Hut Australia is rewarding customers and their friends on Facebook with free pizza in the new Pizza Hut ‘Feed a Friend’ campaign.


Every time you place an order at you receive two virtual slices – one for you and one for a friend on Facebook. When you or your friends collect 4 virtual slices, you get one free real pizza from Pizza Hut. The more your order, the more virtual slices you can collect, and the more of your favourite pizza you get for free!

Pizza Hut Australia marketing director Valerie Kubizniak said: “pizza is the ultimate social food and Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site so this is a great combination – we want to reward not only our most valued online customers but also their favourite friends on Facebook too”

‘Feed a Friend’ is the latest cutting edge digital launch from Pizza Hut. The campaign follows hot on the heels of Pizza Hut’s iPhone app, which sizzled with over 200,000 downloads in the first 8 months of launch.

The augmented reality function or ‘GPS Store Finder’ provides iPhone 3Gs users with the ability to find their nearest Pizza Hut store by utilising GPS technology. People hold up their iPhone 3Gs, the camera opens and the screen shows not only what is in front of the user, but small tabs highlighting the direction and distance of Pizza Hut locations nearby. In the coming weeks Pizza Hut iphone customers will also have the ability to customise their pizzas and add their favourite toppings.