Summer campaign for responsible drinking

Posted by Josette Dunn on 13th December 2010

The Australian cricket community will again encourage fans to ‘Know When to Declare’ this summer in a new and expanded responsible drinking campaign.

Cricket Australia and its partners Foster’s Group, Diageo Australia and the Nine Network have expanded on last year’s ground-breaking “Classic Declarations” broadcast campaign, which featured cricket personalities including Michael Clarke, Richie Benaud and Tony Greig.

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The ‘Know When to Declare’ campaign was launched last year during the Boxing Day Test match in Melbourne with then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, and Minister for Sport, Kate Ellis, along with leaders from all four organisations.

The campaign was recognised in the Federal Government’s Budget papers in 2010 as an example of “voluntary and collaborative approaches with the alcohol industry to promote a more responsible approach to alcohol in Australia” .

‘Know When to Declare’ Phase 2 will carry the tag, “Don’t be ‘that guy’ at the cricket”, reminding young Australians to take responsibility for their actions and not to be known as ‘that guy’ who is left embarrassed for having one too many with his mates.

The campaign will again include a 30 second TV community service announcement (CSA) this year featuring Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson and Channel 9 commentators Michael Slater and Tony Greig. The CSA will be aired on Channel 9 throughout the summer starting today during the Adelaide Vodafone Ashes Test match.

The expansion of ‘Know When to Declare’ will this year include outdoor billboards and communication direct to cricket captains of community cricket clubs around the country, encouraging them to demonstrate the benefits of making the right decisions on and off the field and remind their players that they are ultimately responsible for their own actions.

Cricket and sport in general, are widely regarded as an important part of the Australian way of life and is known to have a positive influence on those involved at all levels.

“The Ashes is one of the iconic sporting events in Australia that attracts millions of spectators, and there is no better time to remind people to drink responsibly and enjoy the summer ahead.” Nine Network CEO, David Gyngell, said.

Cricket Australia signed up to the Prime Minister’s National Binge Drinking Strategy in March 2008, making a commitment to help address the issues of misuse of alcohol, particularly by young Australians.

CA Chief Executive James Sutherland said the campaign aimed to build on the success of last summer’s responsible-use-of-alcohol campaign.

“Cricket has an ability, but also a responsibility, to use our influence to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in the community,” he said.

“This campaign promotes responsible drinking and we are also continuing our long-term work to persuade kids to get off their couches and go outside and be physically active.

“The public tell us they like to come to the cricket and enjoy a beer — fair enough, just know when to declare you have had enough”.

Managing Director for Diageo Australia, Tim Salt, said: “We’re excited to be part of this initiative as we were last year. The ‘Know When to Declare’ partnership fits with our on-going commitment to working with our sports partners and other groups to promote a better drinking culture.

“Our research shows that cricket is a strong vehicle to engage young men about the personal choices they make when drinking. This latest campaign is engaging because it delivers this message and highlights the negative consequences of not taking control, but without preaching.”

“Most Australian’s know the difference between a quiet and enjoyable drink with friends or family and being ‘that guy’,” Foster’s Group Limited CEO, Ian Johnston said. “The message from this campaign is clear; by all means enjoy a drink, but know your limits and know when to declare.”

The development of ‘Know when to Declare’ forms part of a new national partnership announced in November 2009 between Cricket Australia, Nine Network, Foster’s Group and Diageo Australia to drive clear standards in the responsible consumption and marketing of alcohol beverages. The campaign is co-branded by participating organisations after independent research showed that co-branding added extra weight to the message and created stronger public recognition that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.