Aldi opens fourth store in Sydney’s Ambarvale

Posted by Josette Dunn on 19th January 2011

Germany-based discount grocery chain Aldi’s has opened its new outlet in Ambarvale, a suburb of south-western Sydney, Australia.The new store is situated in the Campbelltown area, which is already home to four Aldi stores. Plans for the opening of the new discount supermarket were approved by the Campbelltown Council in December 2010.

The Aldi store will be part of the old Ambarvale Shopping Centre.

Campbelltown Mayor Russell Matheson welcomed the opening of another Aldi supermarket in the region by the saying that it will offer the community more choice and cheaper prices.

Aldi stores offer discounts to customers by saving on other expenses such as non acceptance of credit cards and checks and by displaying items in their shipping material. The stores are also smaller in area and sell about 1, 500 products. Aldi opened its first store in 1913 with the motto to provide regularly used branded products at discounted prices.

Aldi now has over 200 stores operating on the Australian eastern seaboard and around 8210 stores operating worldwide.