Online supermarket competitor expands

Posted by Josette Dunn on 24th January 2011

The emerging online supermarket space has been dominated by Coles and more recently Woolworths, with bananablue in SA providing the most competitive and viable independent online offer.

Online shopping

Bananablue has been growing strongly over the last twelve months, and has undertaken enhancements to its business model and IT systems, in preparation for national expansion. A key part of that development has been to enable individual retailers to fulfill online orders from their own stores, thus allowing customers to shop online from their own favourite local independent supermarket offering a greater range of products.

Drakes supermarkets recognizes the growth of the online sector, and has joined with bananablue to bring online shopping to its expanding loyal customer base in South Australia and Queensland.
CRG/bananablue and Drakes have as a result formed a unique alliance in the online supermarket arena, in order to resist the online market dominance of the big two, and strengthen their own store brands.

Drakes customers will have their online orders picked and delivered from a Drakes store, and bananablue customers will continue to be serviced from Adelaide’s finest stores. Any suitable independent store in any part of the nation can similarly offer an online service, using bananablue technology and systems.

This system offers potential benefits to regional stores whose sales are being eaten into by Coles and Woolworths’ head office-funded online ordering systems. Now local independents who may not have the skills or capital necessary to establish their own online ordering systems can provide an online offer using bananablue systems.