Pauls milk profits pour into flood relief

Posted by Josette Dunn on 14th February 2011

Pauls has received strong support from the Queensland community for its campaign to raise money for flood relief.

This month Parmalat is donating 100 percent of the profits from the Queensland sales of its Pauls branded fresh milk range including Pauls Full Cream Milk, Smarter White, PhysiCAL, Trim, Skinny Milk and Breaka fresh flavoured milk products.

Parmalat CEO, Craig Garvin, said the company was grateful for the strong support Queenslanders were providing and plans for the distribution of the funds were underway.

“We are pleased to announce that the Salvation Army will distribute the funds and we are meeting with them to discuss how it will be prioritised and accessed,” Mr Garvin said.

“We want to ensure the funds go to the people who need them most, and as quickly as possible.”
Pauls launched the fund raising campaign on Australia Day and hopes to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for flood victims by the end of the month.

“Both our South Brisbane and Rockhampton production facilities were flooded and we know how long it takes until things are fully restored.

“We can’t afford to forget the flood victims and their ongoing need for financial support to rebuild,” Mr Garvin said.

“Donating the profits from our first fully operational month since the flood is our way of supporting the Queensland communities which have been supporting us for over 70 years.”