Planet Ark to tackle uprise in delivery packaging waste

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 26th February 2018

Woolcool packaging

Planet Ark has entered into a partnership with a sustainable packaging provider in an attempt to fight plastic waste caused by the growing popularity of delivery services.

Planet Ark will now work with Planet Protector, a provider of Woolcool, a form of packaging made from wool waste.

Planet Ark says it has partnered with Planet Protector in an effort to discourage businesses, such as those that deliver food, to switch over to Woolcool, rather than use expanded polystyrene (EPS) which is hard to recycle.

Kristie Baker, Planet Ark’s partner Relations Manager, said the huge rise in home delivery services using unsustainable packaging is a major environmental concern.

“A game –changing new alternative to conventional materials that are derived from fossil fuels, Woolcool is ideal for a board range of products that require temperature control, and we are looking forward to seeing it evolve,” Baker said.

Planet Protector Chief Executive Officer, Joanne Howarth, said there used to be no other viable solution outside of polystyrene.

“Now that Woolcool is available to Australian businesses. They not only have access to an insulated packaging that outperforms polystyrene, they also have a cost-effective solution with unrivalled green credentials,” Howarth said.


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