Unilever’s latest: Magnum Temptation Fruit

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 15th March 2011

Magnum Temptation FruitUnilever has announced the release of a new icecream product under its Streets Magnum brand: the Streets Magnum Temptation Fruit.

The icecream features a vanilla centre with dark chocolate chunks, cranberry pieces and berry sauce.

The single serve icecreams will be packaged in the Temptation signature ‘jewellery box’ rather than a more standard icecream wrapper, designed to add a sense of indulgence and prestige to the icecream.

Encased in Magnum’s renowned milk chocolate shell, Magnum Temptation Fruit features a rich vanilla centre packed with an abundance of dark chocolate chunks and cranberry pieces, complemented by a smooth berry sauce.

Magnum Temptation Fruit is available in supermarkets, petrol and convenience stores nationally. Single serves are at a reccomended retail price of $4.40, and three-pack grocery multipacks have an RRP of $7.79.