Cargill: breakthrough in cold-liquid cocoa

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 17th March 2011

Edible oils giant Cargill has announced a new product innovation: cocoa powder with a greatly improved ability to mix into cold drinks.

The new cocoa powder, launching next year as part of the Gerkens cocoa powders range, has double the wettability – the speed with which cocoa disappears below the surface of th cold liquid – and will disperse through the liquid evenly.

The company said that, crucial to the discovery, the performance would be maintained throughout the product’s shelf life – unlike existing products, which suffer from decreasing wettability as their shelf life nears its end.

“Wettability, and dispersability are vital considerations in instant drink mixes,” said Dr Henri Kamphuis, Quality and Technology Director, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate. “These considerations, and the maintenance of the level of performance throughout its shelf life, are issues that manufacturers in this market have been looking at for a long time.”

“Following years of research and development work, Cargill is the first to make this cocoa powder breakthrough. With a number of patents pending, we will be in the unique position to bring this innovation to market in 2012, complementing our existing premium Gerkens cocoa powders range.”

In addition to greatly improved wettability and dispersability in cold drink powder mixes, Cargill said the development also opens up the possibility of varying the balance of sugar and cocoa in recipes, as it allows for lower amounts of sugar to be used. This could enable producers to offer a broader variety of options, such as a lower calorie drink, or one with a stronger chocolate taste, depending on preference.

“Cargill has cracked the technological challenge that so many others have been trying to overcome for many years. We are extremely excited by the potential opened up by this unique technology,” said Kamphuis.