Aldi maintains customer satisfaction lead

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 9th May 2011

The Roy Morgan February Supermarket Satisfaction Report has shown an underwhelming month of satisfaction results at all four of the major supermarkets, with none showing an increase.

Aldi’s impressive run of recent increases in customer satisfaction was put on hold and Woolworth’s satisfaction has stabilised after three consecutive months of decline. However, both Coles and IGA lost ground after their recent notable satisfaction gains.

Among Aldi customers, 94.5% were satisfied, followed by IGA (89%), Coles (87%) and then Woolworths (86%) for the 6 month’s average to February 2011.

“There is an overall softening in satisfaction results for all four of the major supermarkets this month, according to the February supermarket satisfaction report. However, there is one category where all four supermarkets have bucked the trend and satisfaction has increased, which is the Dairy category. This could possibly be a successful result of recent competitive pricing of milk and various dairy produce amongst the major supermarkets,” said Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research.

“Aldi, even with a flat result in satisfaction this month have actually managed to widen the gap ahead of nearest rival IGA, after IGA fell by half a percentage point. Interestingly satisfaction of IGA customers in Queensland is stronger there than any of the other three major supermarket chains.

“Woolworths this month have managed to stem their declining customer satisfaction, but despite rival Coles dropping by half a percentage point, Woolworths still rank in fourth position.”