Heinz launches new “Beanz Meanz” campaign

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 26th May 2011

Heinz has launched a new campaign for its iconic baked beans, asking Australians what “Beanz Meanz” to them.

The campaign harks back to the equally iconic “Beanz meanz Heinz” advertising campaign, which ran from 1967 for thirty years, and features celebrities and ordinary Australians talking about their memories of Heinz Beanz. The campaign is supported by a competition, featuring $100,000 cash prizes for the ten best stories associated with Heinz Beanz, to be submitted online and voted on by the public.

“Beanz Meanz versatility and taste. Whatever your pellet[sic] may crave, there is a Heinz Beanz recipe and memory out there to represent everyone, and we’re looking for the most exciting,” said Natalie Koenen, Marketing Manager – Baked Beans of Heinz Australia.

Self-confessed Heinz Beanz addict and host of Channel Nine’s Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Shelley Craft says that Heinz Beanz have been her weakness ever since she was a child.

“To me, Beanz Meanz making my way to equestrian events at 4 in the morning. Horse in the trailer, mum and dad in the car, and a hot Heinz Beanz jaffle in my hand, ready to devour before a full day of riding,” said Craft.


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