Quorn to extend UK “Fish” range

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 24th June 2011

Quorn logoQuorn Foods has revealed plans to extend its meat-free ‘fish’ range in the UK with the launch of a frozen ocean pie in September.

The company said that the move will mean that it offers the UK’s top “favourite” fish meals. The move follows the launch of fish-less fingers and a tuna crisp-bake in April, followed by a salmon crisp-bake and a tuna melt in May. It is also looking to launch a battered fish fillet to “complete” the range.

The company plans to run a campaign to promote its fish products during August and September. It said that fish “conceptually” appeals to vegetarians, as well as mainstream fish eaters who are “concerned about sustainability and over-fishing”.

Quorn, which was sold by Premier Foods plc earlier this year to Exponent Private Equity, said that the meat free category has returned to growth, with sales up 5.2% over the past quarter, and that Quorn has been “growing ahead of the category”, with sales up 7.3% over the same period.

Quorn, which is licensed by Simplot in Australia, has not yet begun sales of the fish range, although the company said new products are always being examined for the Australian market.