Costco US now selling emergency food kits

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 4th October 2017

Costco stores in the US are now selling emergency food kits with enough food for an individual to survive off for a year.

The kits cost US $1, 000 and can last for 25 years without spoiling. Each kit contains rice, granola, meat, milk, wheat and different types of preserved fruit and vegetables.

Other larger kits are available at US $3, 999 and US $5, 999 for families and larger groups of people.

Costco told Free Press that the idea for the product is for it to be a starter kit for those who want to prepare for any type of disaster. Costco also said the kits are “great value with shopping included”.

The release of the kits comes after a series of hurricanes and flooding in the US, alongside rising tension between the US and North Korea.

Another major retailer in the US, Walmart, already stocks emergency food kits from supplier Augson Farms.