Anti-carbon-price debate bad for consumer confidence, says ANRA

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st July 2011

Continued uncertainty over carbon pricing may help to explain why Australians are keeping their hands in their pockets, according to Margy Osmond, CEO of Australian National Retailers Association.

Commenting on the Government’s carbon price announcement, Osmond said that consumer confidence “is at a two year low and retail figures have reflected that.

“Much of the uncertainty around the carbon price may now lesson, but the negativity of the ‘anti’ campaign will continue and that may be enough to convince Australians they need to keep saving their pennies.”

Osmond said that Australians should look closely at how carbon pricing will impact the manufacturing sector.

“In terms of the price rises the real focus needs to be on the manufacturing as any price increases are most likely to be passed from that sector,” Osmond said.