SAFCOL tuna wins environmental accolade from Greenpeace

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 12th August 2011

The South Australian Fisherman’s Co-Operative Limited (SAFCOL)’s new ‘pole and line’ range of tuna has placed SAFCOL near the top amongst food groups supplying major supermarkets for a sustainable tuna product, according to environmental activist group Greenpeace Australia Pacific. The product ranked second to the more boutique ‘Fish 4 Ever’ brand which is largely sold through Australian organic and health stores.

The SAFCOL tuna brand’s other lines currently appear on the shelves of Woolworths, Metcash, IGA and Franklins. Its ‘pole and line’ range will appear on shelves from October.

Every year, Greenpeace Australia Pacific ranks Australia’s tuna brands based on sustainability policies, fishing methods used, tuna species used, labelling, use of illegal or unregulated products, and support for marine reserves and equitable tuna policies. Information is collated by the organisation through a combination of brand responses to product surveys, correspondence with brands and retailers, publicly available information and product evaluation.

The ‘Fish 4 Ever’ brand ranked at 89% sustainability, followed in descending order by Safcol’s ‘pole and line range’ tuna (71%), Coles Tuna Chunks (64%), John West (60%), Greenseas (59%), Aldi (58%), IGA Signature (55%), Sirena (52%), Woolworths (12%), and Sole Mare (5%).

“Safcol is committed to changing the Australian industry by promoting sustainable methods,” a spokesperson for Greenpeace Australia Pacific said,

“It is the first Australian company to commit to 100% pole and line caught Skipjack tuna.”