Survey reveals UK women think food more than sex

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th October 2011

The results of a survey by weight-loss company Atkins suggest that over half of women in the UK think more about food than they do about sex.

Atkins surveyed 1,290 women dieters across the UK. In addition to 54 per cent of the women confessing that they thought about food more than they thought about sex, over a third of the women, 37 per cent, said they thought about food and dieting more than they thought about their partner.

One in four of the women surveyed by Atkins admitted they thought dieting was more important than their relationship and said they put more effort into their attempts to lose weight than they did into their relationship with their husband or boyfriend.

Atkins’ Chief Nutritionist, Linda O’Byrne said, “The key to sensible dieting it to let it become a part of your everyday lifestyle and not something you are constantly thinking about. Dieting should never become an obsession; this is not healthy as it can be counter-productive.

“It has been estimated that three quarters of the adult female population of the UK – that’s over 22 million women – have been on a diet at least once in their lifetime. Trying to get the perfect body was still the number one motivating factor for women to start slimming but one in seven respondents told researchers they started to slim following cruel comments about their weight.”