Fruit and vegetable compound offers hope against gum disease

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th October 2011

Scientists at the University of Birmingham, in the UK, have found that certain combinations of fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrates may help combat chronic gum disease when combined with conventional dental therapy.

The results of their study, published today in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, showed that taking a daily dose of capsules containing concentrated phytonutrients improved clinical outcomes for patients with chronic periodontitis (deep-seated gum disease) in the two months following non-surgical therapy.

Volunteers aged 30-plus suffering from chronic periodontitis were randomly assigned to one of three groups. One group took fruit and vegetable powder concentrate capsules, another took fruit, vegetable and berry powder concentrate capsules, and another was given a placebo. The supplements, which are marketed commercially in more than 20 countries under the name Juice Plus+® (NSA, LLC, USA), were taken daily following non-surgical scaling and cleaning of the root surfaces of the teeth.

Sixty volunteers completed the two-month review and 54 completed the eight-month review. Clinical outcomes improved significantly in all groups at two months as expected from the standard mechanical therapy. However, in the fruit and vegetable group, and in the fruit, vegetable and berry group, there were additional statistically significant improvements in gum health at two months. Improvements in gum bleeding followed at five months and in lower dental plaque levels at eight months.

The research paper concluded, “Adjunctive juice powder concentrates appear to improve initial pocket depth reductions in nutritionally replete patients where plasma micronutrient bioavailability is attainable.”