The world’s ‘most expensive’ mince pie

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd December 2011

A mince pie worth £3,000 (A$4,700) has set a new world record for being the most expensive mince pie, according to World Records Academy.

Designed by Andrew Stellitano, who runs food design firm Astarism, in London, the pie contains platinum leaf, a solid platinum coin, holy water from Lourdes to bind the pastry, vanilla beans and cinnamon from eastern spice markets and highly prized ambergris sugar derived from sperm whale secretions.

The expensive pastry was brushed with Eggnog and gilded with platinum leaf – a technique favoured by the Victorians – before being dusted with Ambergris sugar, which comes from a secretion from sperm whale.

Containing a solid platinum coin, the pie also contains a 1920s cognac. The pie, which Mr Stellitano said took him more than a week to create, was designed on a computer and cut with a laser.