Predictions for American restaurant and hotel trends in 2012

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th December 2011

A US-based food and restaurant consultancy has released its food and dining trend predictions for restaurants and hotels in 2012.


Leading US restaurant and hotel industry consultants, Baum + Whiteman’s predictions for 2012 include:


  • If economic crises continue, cheaper marketing for fast food chains will dominate the market.
  • Cultural flavours and recipes will be combined into a combined cheaper mix.
  • More varieties of meats will be introduced from ethnic areas to mainstream dinner plates, for example cows heart or pigs ears.
  • Interest in homemade fruit and vegetable pickles will grow.
  • Korean cuisine will become a more popular dining choice.
  • After-work drinks will last longer, dinner time will be later in the evening, and adventurous finger foods will re-introduce themselves.
  • Outdoor dining (for example, beer gardens) will become more popular in the US.
  • Companies that previously used food trucks will open mobile storefronts while still using the trucks as “moving billboards”.
  • Japanese craft beers will become more popular as artisan brews.
  • Restaurateurs will abandon skyscraper-stacked meals for caterpillar presented meals: a separation of flavors on a rectangular plate.
  • Peruvian cuisine will become increasingly popular in the US.
  • The gourmet burger market will peak in 2012.


According to Baum+Whiteman, words such as “Artisan”, “Heirloom” and “Local” will be adopted as buzzwords used by conglomerate food chains, while “farmers markets” will be ubiquitous.