Nestle goes into direct marketing in Switzerland

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th January 2012

Nestle has created a new brand, “Maison Cailler” as the launching pad for a new form of direct marketing. The campaign will create a new marketing channel that bypasses conventional retailers.

Consumers will register online to order a box of Maison Cailler, with five different testing flavors, such as milk, caramel, nut, fruit, vanilla and cocoa flavors. Consumers then use a profiling system where they “discover their chocolate personality” by sharing their preferences online with friends.

Within 48 hours of using the service, consumers will be sent a box of Maison Cailler that, online, has matched their individual preferences.

Cedric Lacroix, Director of Nestlé’s Chocolate Centre of Excellence in Broc, Switzerland explains, “Chocolate has certain attributes that people distinguish in different ways, like tasting wine.”

Mr Lacroix explains that Maison Cailler is a direct response to the new era of customer-driven personalization of marketing online.

In effect, the online promotion creates a new customer database. As a second prong further information is elicited from the customer in selecting his or her preferences.

Maison Cailler is one of a series of innovations being tailored by Nestle to personalize products based on new market research and the development of new online networks.