Potato Jewellery in the name of charity

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th February 2012

Two ladies from the village of Oak Ridge, Missouri in the USA have developed a deep-seeded interest in creating jewellery out of potatoes. Jo Ann Hahs and Linda Freeman have raised thousands of dollars from the project – every cent of which they say goes to charity.

After peeling, chopping and stringing to dry, the potatoes turn a dark colour and become rock solid. They are then able to be painted and decorated using other jewels.

Ms Freeman says she is very surprised at how beautiful the jewellery turns out.  The spud designs have been a hit with purchasers, particularly because all proceeds go towards charity – and are helping build a new church.

Ms Hahs has said that just one necklace can take about 7-8 hours. The good thing about the jewellery is that the ladies say it will last forever. Contrary to popular perception, it does not stay edible forever. However, the consensus is that attempting to eat the jewellery will result in a few broken teeth!

For more information on how to make Potato Jewellery see here.