Unlicensed pest controller receives hefty fine

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th April 2012

Food businesses that have been using unlicensed pest controllers should take warning after a Lysterfield man was prosecuted and fined $19,000.00 in the Ringwood Magistrates Court (near Melbourne) for six breaches of Victoria’s pest control laws. The Victorian Department of Health has issued a statement emphasizing the risks of using unlicensed personnel.

Victoria’s acting Chief Health Officer, Dr Michael Ackland, said the successful prosecution reinforces the importance of licensing and training for pest control operators.

“Pest control operators employ a range of chemicals which have a high degree of toxicity,” Dr Ackland said.


“The toxicity of these chemicals, in addition to their use in domestic settings, can cause potential public health risks. That is why operators should be appropriately trained in their use and exercise due diligence in carrying out their work,” he said.

“Substantial quantities of pesticides from a variety of classes of chemicals are used to control pests. Pesticides can have serious health effects if they are used incorrectly.

“The short term effects of contact with pesticides can be serious. Given the potential toxic effects, it is vital for the protection of public health that commercial users of pesticides are adequately trained and have knowledge and skills to apply pesticides safely,” Dr Ackland added.