Consumer survey reveals most popular Australian retailer

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th June 2012

Kmart, Coles, Big W, Woolworths and Target feature, in this sequence, at the top of a recent Monash University study of Australian consumers’ “favourite retailers”. As spending declines, the study concluded that growing numbers of consumers were preferring to shop at discount department stores.

From July – December 2011, more than 6000 consumers were polled via an online survey, from which a total of 4151 nominations were received Australia-wide.

The questions, “Who is your favourite retailer?” and “Why?” were included at the end of a range of surveys polling consumer confidence, spending habits, and shopping behaviour.  The surveys did not reference a particular retailer.

As a result of the study, the Australian Centre for Retail Studies (ACRS), based at Monash University, have launched the” Australia’s Favourite Retailer Award” as an annual event. The Award is different from other accolades of its sort, as it is based on random consumer surveys rather than complex ranking-systems or committee decisions.

Award-winner Kmart was rated as the favourite retailer of 11.1% of surveyed consumers. The other retailers in the top five were Coles (8.2%), BigW (8.2%), Woolworths (7.7%) and Target (6.7%).

Dr Sean Sands, leading the study, said, “The results show the successful retailers are those who have responded best to the challenges of the current economic climate.”