Woolworths supplements its key brand message with more Australian focus

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th June 2012

Woolworths has just launched a new advertising campaign that alters the whole marketing focus of Australia’s top supermarket group.

The 25-year-old slogan “the fresh food people” has been subtly altered to “Australia’s fresh food people”. The new slogan is accompanied by an updated logo, in which “Woolworths” is now in dark green rather than red, and the message is being reinforced with a series of outdoor posters, as well as a new television advertising campaign with a new theme song.

The new Woolworths campaign emphasises that the company is locally owned and that it seeks to source its products in Australia, and that it values its employees as individuals.

 “People are our greatest asset”

The new ad campaign, created by the supermarket’s new agency Droga 5, features short interviews with nine diverse Woolworths employees. The interviews focus on the employees’ lives outside of work, as well as their roles at the supermarket. This human-interest angle will characterise Woolworths as a people-oriented company, which values the individuals.

Woolworths Director of Supermarkets, Tjeerd Jegen, said, “Our renewed focus on our people is testament to the faith we have that Woolworths’ people are our greatest asset.”

Behind-the-scenes food production on show

Part of Woolworths new image will include a more open layout of its stores. It has been reported that Woolworths is removing walls to open the customer view to the behind-the-scenes areas such as bakery and butchery sections. This approach aims to suggest that much of Woolworths’ produce is prepared on-site and local.

A new Woolworths website will continue this strategy, by giving the public the opportunity to see the stages that lead to the produce reaching the supermarket shelves.

Concerns about Coles’ ‘local’ campaign

Woolworths’ ‘Australian’ orientation appears to be aimed at neutralising the ‘local product’ image Coles has recently developed with the launch of an Australian roadshow to find new homegrown produce, as reported by Australian Food News. The orientation of Coles’ brand marketing push promotes the roadshow to find more ‘local’ products. In addition, Coles has been publicising its forging of local manufacturing alliances.