Australian food companies launch their Olympic Games campaigns

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 27th June 2012

Australian Food News has surveyed a number of new marketing campaigns being launched by different Australian food groups to coincide with the forthcoming London Olympic Games.

The Opening Ceremony of the XXXth Olympiad of the modern era will be held on Friday 27 July, 2012 at the new Olympic Stadium, built during the past three years in London’s Docklands.

The Opening Ceremony alone is expected to have an international viewing audience of four billion people, creating one of the world’s greatest marketing showpiece opportunities.


The Australian chocolate brand Cadbury Dairy Milk has been temporarily rebranded and is abandoning its iconic purple packaging as part of Cadbury Australia’s Olympic promotion.

Instead, Cadbury Dairy Milk is temporarily moving to a green-and-gold packaging format that is intended to “show support” for the Australian Olympic Team, sponsored by Cadbury.

The “limited edition” Green and Gold Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate blocks are now available in stores nationally in 200g and 350g blocks.


Kraft Australia’s Olympic campaign will focus on the brands of ‘Vegemite’, ‘Oreo’ and ‘The Natural Confectionery Company’. Each will temporarily alter its pack design in “support” of the Australian Olympic Team.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola has also declared its Powerade product the “official drink of the Olympics”, and McDonalds has released a “Flavours of the Games” meal range.


Coles, “official supermarket of the Olympics” has made Australian gold medalist Cathy Freeman the ambassador of their ‘Coles athletes go for Gold’ campaign. Other ‘Coles athletes’ include swimmer James Magnussen, gymnast Lauren Mitchell, long jumper Mitchell Watt, hurdler Sally Pearson, and pole vaulter Steve Hooker.

The Olympic Games will run from 27 July to 12 August 2012.