Australian red meat industry launches ‘green’ campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th July 2012

Meat and Livestock Australia has launched a campaign designed to showcase the red meat industry’s environmental credentials.

‘Target 100’ is based on 100 environmentally related initiatives the industry is undertaking to ensure its cattle, sheep and goat production systems are sustainable. The aim of the campaign is for the Australian red meat supply chain to be entirely sustainable by 2020.

The 100 initiatives include research, development and extension programs, sharing of ideas, and use of cutting-edge technology. Initiatives have been divided into the categories of Water, Energy, Social, Climate Variability, Waste, Pests and Weeds, Economic, Ethical Farming, Soil and Groundcover, Biodiversity, and Emissions

The campaign is being funded by meat industry representative bodies including the Cattle Council of Australia, Sheepmeat Council of Australia, Australian Meat Industry Council, Australian Lot Feeders Association, Australian Meat Processing Corporation, and Meat and Livestock Australia.

Target 100 is inviting industry-wide participation from meat producers and suppliers whose “’real life’ producer stories might be able to demonstrate how the industry as a whole is committed to managing resources sustainably.”

The campaign is also inviting consumers of red meat to participate in Target 100. “We want to create an open discussion between livestock farmers and the community. We want to hear your concerns, thoughts and suggestions on how we can continue to produce quality food in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way.”

More information on Target 100 is available here.