AusVeg launches new environmental website for growers

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th July 2012

Australia’s national peak industry body for vegetable producers, Ausveg, has launched a new website that will help growers to monitor the environmental impact of their operations.

The website, Enviroveg, was launched last week at the New South Wales Farmer’s Association in Sydney by John Lloyd, CEO of Horticulture Australia. Ausveg expects the website will provide a clearer picture of the industry’s environmental performance.

Jordan Brooke-Barnett, Environment Coordinator for Ausveg, said the new website would help to modernise the vegetable sector and allow growers to compare their environmental performance against their peers.

“The EnviroVeg website gives Ausveg the ability to analyse the environmental performance of growers in areas such as energy management, water use and soil nutrition,” said Mr Brooke-Barnett.

The EnviroVeg program was initially launched in 2000 to provide growers with information and tools that allow them self assesss their environmental performance.

“Our new website will collect data from the self assessments and present detailed results showing how participating growers are performing at the national and State levels, or even by crop type and farm size,” said Mr Brooke-Barnett.

Individual growers will have the opportunity to compare their annual score against averages presented on the website. Mr Brooke-Barnett hoped this would encourage growers to put plans in place to improve their environmental performance.

Currently, 300 growers, who collectively farm 50,000 ha of vegetable growing land, are participating in the Enviroveg program.

The EnviroVeg Program is funded by Horticulture Australia Limited using the National Vegetable Levy and matched funds from the Australian government.

The new Enviroveg website is available here.