Australian company launches innovative screw-cap for sparkling wine

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th August 2012

Technologists at Guala Closures Australia have developed Australia’s first screw-cap for sparkling wines.

Leading Australian wine producers, De Bortoli Wines, have embraced the technology, becoming the first winery to utilize the new screw-cap.

De Bortoli said they have applied the highly-anticipated sparkling screw-cap to its popular Trevi range and Willowglen Sparkling Brut from June 2012.

The screw-cap has been dubbed Viiva™, and was developed in response to ongoing complaints from industry and consumers about traditional cork-closed sparkling wines including opening difficulty and loss of carbonation.

De Bortoli Wines’ National Sales Manager Peter Yeoman said the new enclosure also “eliminated safety hazards with opening corks in sparkling wine.” He added that it would also promote more responsible alchol consumption as the cap can be re-sealed and maintain carbonation.

“This technology is truly ground-breaking and will put Australia’s sparkling wine industry at the forefront of innovation,” said Mr Yeoman.

Guala Closures Australia worked in collaboration with leading glass manufacturer O-I to develop a bottle specifically designed to fit the closure.

The unique closure system took five years to develop and significant investment in research and development to ensure it was suited to traditional 5-gas-volume sparkling wines.