Nutella tells Aussies to “Rise and Shine” in huge ad re-launch

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 14th August 2012

For the first time in 8 years, the Italian food giant Ferrero Rocher is launching a major new Australian advertising campaign.

Using the motto “Rise and Shine”,  it depicts an array of Australians enjoying their morning activities with the added enjoyment of Nutella. Whether the day begins with surfing, drinking coffee or frolicking in the sun, Nutella seems to add that extra bit of spark.

Nutella is owned by Italian family-based food company Ferrero Rocher. Developed in Italy in the 1940’s, Nutella has grown to become an international success. Other recognised products from the Ferrero Rocher range include the Kinder Bueno and Kinder Suprise, tic tac and Raffaello.

Nutella has such a wide market that its popularity as a sandwich spread that some might compare its iconic popularity throughout Europe to the equally high popularity levels for breakfast spreads like vegemite in Australia or peanut butter in the USA.  Nutella is sold in at least 27 countries and marketed as “the most popular hazelnut spread in the world.”

The new Australian campaign is being broadcast on television and social media sites like facebook. The advertisement depicts the hazelnut spread being slathered on to various types of bread including wholemeal substitutes and offering serving suggestions by adding sliced fruit such as banana. Suggested health benefits for the Nutella spread are said to come  from the “52 hazelnuts in each 400gm jar” that are also claimed to be full of vitamins, minerals and healthier monounsaturated fats along with hazelnut being claimed to be the highest in fibre of all nuts. The new marketing campaign  also offers the enticement of a high energy content that “helps keep [them] going” throughout the day.

Some consumers may nevertheless be concerned with the high energy content of Nutella and its sugar, cocoa powder and vegetable oil ingredients.

However Nutella makes claims to be a low GI food that helps maintain energy and concentration levels longer and says that 20 grams equates to 14% of a person’s daily energy (kilojoule) and sugar needs. It ought to be realised that 20 grams approximately equals one tablespoon.