Demand for local salmon Caviar grows in Australia

Posted by Kate Carey on 20th September 2012

Boutique aquaculture farm, Yarra Valley Caviar, has proven that there is immense potential for a Caviar industry in Australia.

The Upper Goulburn River System in Victoria, in the Lake Eildon area, is well known for its salmon, although not as big as the southern Tasmanian salmon industry.

Salmon farming requires cool and clean water between 10 and 20 degrees centigrade year round. Despite variability of summer and winter temperatures, the Yarra Valley producers of salmon Caviar appear well equipped to overcome this challenge.

Yarra Valley Caviar is a pioneer in the industry, and has a long waiting list of restaurants that are awaiting more product.

Yarra Valley Caviar’s National Business Development Manager, Nick Gorman, said he was confident that after receiving a number of different awards, the product was setting a benchmark for Caviar in Australia.

“We’re committed to following strict organic guidelines and will continue to do that for all of our products, and it’s great to see the quality of the products is reflected through that,” he said.

 “[This] is great validation of the work we put into ensuring our fish are farmed as naturally as possible and under the best conditions we can provide,” Mr Gorman added.