Red Bull fruit flavours released in Australia, with US to follow

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th October 2012

Red Bull’s recent release of fruity flavours in Australia is set to be followed by the US, with a release of cranberry, lime and blueberry flavoured energy drinks to be sold in the United States in early 2013. The new range is said to be rolled out in March 2013, in a strategic move Red Bull which ranks second in US energy drinks market share.

Red Bull said that the new fruity flavour range was a move to meet consumer needs, with ‘flavour a significant factor’ in the choice of beverage. Red Bull said that the new range, similarly to the original Red Bull flavour, ‘improves performance, especially during times of increased stress or strain, increases concentration and improves reaction speed, and stimulates metabolism.’

The new flavour range is said to come at a vital time in the American market, as energy drinks represent just 3 per cent of the carbonated drinks market. Red Bull owns 30 percent of the energy drink market in the US, second to Monster Beverage Corp currently under state investigation for ‘advertising, marketing, promotion, ingredients, usage and sale’ of the Monster Energy Drink brand in the US. Monster Beverage Corp has been issued subpoenas for the Monster brand as well as 5-Hour Energy, Living Essentials LLC; and PepsiCo Inc for their AMP energy drinks.

The Monster Beverage Corp investigation comes at a time when there has been global talk of energy drink regulation. However, Australian Food News reported in August 2012 that energy drinks are gaining in global popularity, with market research company RTS Research revealing that the global energy drink market is worth $469 Billion.

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