APVMA issues clarification on Fenthion pesticide in WA

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 26th November 2012

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) has issued clarification on the usage of Fenthion following a previous Australian Food News story that said exceptions had been made for growers in Western Australia.

The APVMA has said that the WA permit is only for Fenthion in Lebaycid Insecticide Spray registered by Bayer Cropscience Pty Ltd. The permit also restricts crops that may be treated by this product to a “limited range of tree and vine crops, ornamental plants, plus some limited post-harvest treatments for quarantine purposes only.”

The APVMA says a separate permit for the product has also been issued for other Australian jurisdictions, subject to conditions based on how the product is used.

Therefore, the APVMA has said that Fenthion is not “banned” in areas of Australia outside WA. Rather, the chemical has had many uses ‘suspended’ because of toxicity findings and concerns for the safety of children consuming the substance as reported previously.