CHOICE concerned by “difficult” packaging

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st February 2013

Australia’s leading consumer group CHOICE has launched a new campaign to stamp out “frustrating” packaging that requires potentially dangerous objects to open or is “too difficult” for the consumer.

As part of the “Pack Attack” campaign, CHOICE has called on consumers to send photos and descriptions of “bad packaging” or “dangerous packaging” in to the group who will take the examples to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

According to CHOICE, some of the worst offenders for “difficult packaging” include: “The Clamshell” which requires scissors to open the plastic, sealed packaging; “The Glass Jar” which requires a lot of strength to open; and “Imprisoned Toys” which often comes wrapped in cardboard and attached by sharp cable ties and wires.

CHOICE spokesperson Angela McDougall said that CHOICE will be making complaints on behalf of customers to the Australian Packaging Covenant, in order for manufacturers to adopt more practical packaging.

“Trying to bust out an electrical item sealed in a hard plastic container or twist open a vacuum-sealed glass jar is not only prompting ‘wrap rage’ but also leaving some people injured,” Ms McDougall said.

“While packaging accessibility can affect us all, it is a particular problem for those suffering from arthritis, poor eyesight, reduced hand strength as well as some older people,” Ms McDougall added.

A Readers Digest-commissioned survey of 500 people in December 2012 showed 64 per cent of those surveyed that had “injured themselves” while opening packaging had suffered “deep cuts, broken or chipped teeth, bruises and broken nails.”

CHOICE is issuing complaints about "difficult" or "dangerous" packaging on behalf of consumers.