Cadbury re-launch of ‘enhanced’ Dairy Milk blocks

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th April 2013

Global confectionary giant Cadbury has relaunched its Dairy Milk blocks range in Australia with “significant enchancements”.

The enhancements include the introduction of new rounder-shaped chocolate pieces, the inclusion of whole nuts in all nut varieties of the product, and a new-look resealable pack.

Ben Wicks, Cadbury Dairy Milk’s General Manager for Marketing Chocolate, said Cadbury Australia has made these changes following extensive research and input from Australian consumers.

“The changes are in direct response to people telling us they love the more generous pieces and whole nuts. We found that Australians prefer the new rounder-shaped pieces with the dome that easily rolls around in the roof of your mouth,” said Mr Wicks.

Cadbury’s flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk block will now be available in a new 220g pack – an increase from the previous 200g size – for the same price.

As part of the new changes, Cadbury Australia is also introducing a new 135g chocolate block size, designed with small families and couples in mind. The new size will come at a recommended retail price of $3.29.

Cadbury Dairy Milk range to relaunch in Australia