Baskin-Robbins to offer hot treats range over winter

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th June 2013

Ice cream specialty chain Baskin-Robbins has announced the return to its Australian stores of its ‘Winter Warmers’ hot desserts, as well as an additional selection of hot treats.

Baskin-Robbins said it will bring back desserts that were popular last year, including the Classic Belgian Waffle and the Choc Lava Cake. It will also introduce four new warm desserts: the Caramel Apple Slice, Blondie Brownie, Chocolate Brownie and the Totally OREO Brownie.

“We’re excited to have our range of hot treats back in stores after such a strong demand last winter,” said Julian Casa, Marketing Manager Baskin-Robbins Australia. “We’re always on the search for new delicious options, and we’re confident guests will love the brand new hot dessert options,” he said.

The Caramel Apple Slice is made from tart Granny Smith apple chunks in “granola’d” shortbread, drizzled with caramel.

The Blondie Brownie is studded with white chocolate chunks, semi-sweet chocolate and chewy pieces of toffee.

The Chocolate Brownie is made from a chewie fudge with chunks of both bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate.

The Totally OREO Brownie has double layers of OREO brownie sandwiching white chocolate cheese and OREO cookies.

All ‘Winter Warmers’ desserts are topped with a choice of Baskin-Robbins ice cream. The range will be available in stores around Australian from 1 June 2013.

To mark the introduction, Baskin-Robbins is offering guests the chance to try the desserts at a special promotional price, starting from $6.90 for the Classic Belgian Waffle.

Baskin-Robbins have relaunched their 'winter warmers' range