New “anti-energy” beverage seeks to ‘calm’ in times of stress

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 29th July 2013

Caffeine is not what is needed in stressful situations, according to the manufacturers of a new ‘calming’ beverage called Koala Karma. Instead the Company offers its beverage to “calm the nerves”.

Koala Karma, which is Australian owned and made, is a carbonated “relaxation drink” made with four “active herbs”: passionflower, chamomile, valerian powder and hops extract. The Company said these herbs are “all known for their calming properties”.

The new beverage, which is the brain child of Jaime Turner and Cheryl Stewart, was developed in response to rising levels of stress, according to the manufacturers.

“In everyday life how many times do you hear, ‘so stressed’ and ‘so busy’ as we reach for that caffeine hit?” said the Company. “When instead of more energy, we need to calm our minds so that we have clarity and focus,” it said.

According to findings from global market research organisation IBISWorld, the ‘relaxation drinks’ sector in the US was expected to reach US$73.7 million in 2011, and was expected to continue growing at an average annual rate of 24.8 per cent until 2017 as the product matures.

“Relaxation drink revenue is dwarfed by energy and sports drinks, but the product has only just started,” said IBISWorld.

IBISWorld said the potential market for such drinks was “significant”.

New "relaxation drink" Koala Karma