New guide for acidity and acid content determination in food

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st August 2013

A new guidebook for acid content and acidity determination in food has been created by Mettler Toledo, global provider of precision manufacturing instruments and services.

Mettler Toledo said the guidebook provides a detailed overview of all relevant topic regarding acidity in food.

“Acidity of food items is an important topic within the food industry,” the Company said. “There are personal and cultural differences in taste and consideration about storability that make a close monitoring of acidity in food products necessary,” it said.

“With regards to filling temperature and the risk of infestations with Clostridium Botulinum, acidity also becomes an economic factor,” the Company said.

Mettler Toledo said the guidebook includes a short introduction to the history and importance of acidity in food items, highlight the preserving qualities of certain acids. The guidebook also provides a list of methods and the corresponding optimal measurement solution, according to the Company, as well as different methods of acidity determination via titration. Tips and tricks for improved measurement techniques and time saving are also described.

The Company said the guidebook also examines pH measurement and electrodes in order to determine the acidity of food items, calibration and temperature compensation, and TI notes describing specific methods and results.

The guidebook can be downloaded for free from Mettler Toledo’s website.

New guide for acid determination in foods like yoghurt