French premium coffee brand launches in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th October 2013

As part of a major coffee expansion, global food manufacturer Mondelez International has launched the number one premium coffee brand in France, Carte Noire, into the Australia market.

The launch means Mondelez International’s coffee products are available in Australia for the first time. The expansion also sees Mondelez International launching a range of coffee products in the Netherlands.

“Our decision to expand into Australia and the Netherlands underlines our ambition to grow our share of the global coffee market and build Carte Noire into a billion dollar brand,” said Roland Weening, President of Coffee at Mondelez International. “The global coffee market, which is growing at 10 per cent per annum, offers Mondelez International good prospects for profitable growth,” he said.

“With strong innovation and brand power, geographic expansion, investment in sustainability and a continued commitment to product quality we’re well-placed to win in this attractive category,” Mr Weening said.

The Carte Noire brand was established in France in 1978 by Rene Monnier, who had many years’ experience in coffee making. The coffee brand is among France’s top food and beverage brands. The range of Carte Noire products available in Australia will include its MillicanoWholebean Instant and premium freeze-dried ranges.

Mondelez International’s range of coffee products globally includes roast and ground, single-serve and instant coffee, under brands such as Jacobs, Carte Noire, Tassimo and Kenco.

Prior to 1 July 2013, Mondelez International in Australia was known as Kraft Foods. The Australian branch of the Company was one of the last countries to change its name, although it had been operating as part of Mondelez Internationa since 1 October 2012. Australian Food News reported in March 2012 that Kraft Foods had announced it would change its global snacks corporate business name to Mondelez International. Mondelez International is one of the world’s largest snacks companies, with global revenues of US$35 billion in 2012.

Australian coffee market

The Australian coffee market had a grocery value of $815.9 million in 2012, according to data from global market research organisation Nielsen, published in ‘Retail World Grocery Guide 2012’, with more than 6 million tonnes sold. The instant coffee segment was valued at $673.9 million, and the pure coffee segment at $142 million.

Instant coffee

Within the instant coffee segment in 2012, Premium had 35.1 per cent value and 23 per cent volume share in 2012, Mainstream 34.1 per cent value and 35 per cent volume, Specialty 24.4 per cent value and 31.6 per cent volume, and Value 6.4 per cent value and 10.5 per cent volume share, according to Nielsen’s data.

Nestle had the biggest share of the instant coffee segment overall, with 66 per cent value share and 67.6 per cent volume share. It was followed by Sara Lee, with 23 per cent value share and 16.6 per cent volume share. Nescafe was the most popular brand, with 60.9 per cent value share and 59.6 per cent volume share. Moccona came in second with 23 per cent value share and 16.6 per cent volume share.

Despite coming in second overall, Sara Lee held the top position in the Premium instant coffee category in 2012, with its Moccona brand taking 59.5 per cent value share and 61.2 per cent volume share. Nestle came in second in this segment, with its Nescafe brand 35.1 per cent value share and 32.5 per cent volume share. Nestle’s Nescafe brand, however, held 92.7 per cent value share and 90.3 per cent volume share of the Mainstream segment in 2012.

Pure coffee

The pure coffee category was dominated by Ground coffee in 2012 (64.7 per cent value share, 60.2 per cent volume share), followed by Roast coffee (33.4 per cent value share, 37.7 per cent volume share). The remaining sales of Pure coffee were in the Pulverised segment (1.9 per cent value, 2 per cent volume).

Cantarella Bros held 35.1 per cent value share and 38.3 per cent volume share of the pure coffee category overall, followed by Valcorp with 22.4 per cent value share and 18.4 per cent volume share. Sara Lee came in third in the pure coffee category, with 17.7 per cent value share and 20.7 per cent volume share.

Mondelez brings French premium coffee brand Carte Noire to Australia