New gourmet antipasti range launched by Queensland group

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th December 2013

Queensland-based speciality food manufacturer Visco Selected Fine Foods has lauched a new gourmet antipasti range called Val d’Elsa.

The Company said the premium selection of sauces, relishes and antipasti is “inspired by traditional European cuisine” and is Australian-made.

“Christmas is right around the corner, and with it the usual round of family gatherings,” said Annalisa Tortora, co-owner of Visco Selected Fine Foods. “It’s a special time but, if you’re not a natural born cook, the challenge of feeding a crowd can seem overwhelming,” she said.

“The Val d’Elsa gourmet antipasti range is designed to take the stress out of the equation, so you can relax with your guests, while still serving food that looks beautiful and tastes great,” Ms Tortora said. “Putting a Val d’Elsa antipasto platter together is so easy, and even though the preparation part is already done, you can own it as your creation,” she said.

The range includes:

Val d’Elsa Beetroot Relish with Aged Balsamic Vinegar, 200g, RRP$7.95

Val d’Elsa Pepperdews with Labana, 180g, RRP$8.20

Val d’Elsa Semi-Dried Tomatoes, 200g, RRP$7

Val d’Elsa Truffle Pepperdews, 180g, RRP$8.20

Val d’Elsa Olive Tapanade with Kalamata Olives, 200g, RRP$7.95

Val d’Elsa Catalano Antipasto with Manchego Cheese, 200g, RRP$8.20

Val d’Elsa Basil Pesto, 200g, RRP$7.95

Val d’Elsa Chargrilled Eggplant, 160g, RRP$7.95

Val d’Elsa Chargrilled Mushrooms, 200g, RRP$7.95

Val d’Elsa Country Carrot Relish with Apple Cider Vinegar, 200g, RRP$7.95

Val d’Elsa Barramundi Sauce, 300g, RRP$9

Val d’Elsa Tuscan Meatballs, 300g, RRP$9

Val d’Elsa Duck and Porcini Ragu, 300g, RRP$9

Val d’Elsa Fennel Salad, 200g, RRP$7.95

Val d’Elsa Seafood Antipasto, 200g, RRP$9.90

Visco Selected Fine Foods was founded by Italian-born Luca Tortora and his wife Annalisa in Brisbane in 1998. The Company sources and manufactures selected fine foods for catering venues, restaurants, hotels and delicatessens around Australia. Mr Tortora also consults with well-known Australian and European chefs, assisting them with sourcing of ingredients from Europe and Australia such as artisan cured meats, cheese, pasta and couveture chocolate.

The Val d'Elsa Beetroot Relish