Australian fast food market survey shows up demographic differences

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th January 2014

Almost half of customers at chicken fast food outlet Nando’s in Australia are from Generation Y (Gen Y), compared with only around 3 in 10 at McDonald’s, according to findings from market research organisation Roy Moran Research.

The research also found that 1 in 4 people in Red Rooster were Baby Boomers or older and just over 1 in 10 are Gen Z. And despite its elder members nearing 50, Gen X remained over-represented at KFC and Hungry Jacks.

The findings showed some notable differences in the composition of patrons at these fast food restaurants: 69 per cent of customers at Nando’s were either Gen Y or Gen Z — a considerably higher proportion than is found at Hungry Jacks (50 per cent), KFC (47 per cent), McDonald’s (46 per cent) or Red Rooster (45 per cent).

Gen Y a presence at all fast food outlets

At 25 per cent Australia-wide, Gen Y was over-represented at each of these fast food outlets — but almost doubly so at Nando’s, according to Roy Morgan Research. Red Rooster was more Gen Y heavy than both KFC and McDonald’s, but their successors Gen Z were less likely to be found inside one than out.

“Nando’s is clearly distinguished by its skew toward Generations Y and Z, with a 19 per cent point lead over the nearest competitor Hungry Jacks in the proportion of its customer base from these groups,” said Warren Reid, Group Account Manager, Roy Morgan Research.

“Nando’s risque marketing campaigns clearly resonate with young Australians, and they support this with cleverly positioned stores in metro areas and around campuses to best serve this target market,” Mr Reid said. “Securing loyalty among younger people is a potentially winning strategy, and Nando’s will be aiming to maintain this customer base as they grow older and visit as a family rather than a group of friends,” he said.

Roy Morgan Research said the value of long-term family loyalty was evident in the continued over-representation of Generation X in the fast food restaurants they grew up with.

More than half of Nando's customers are Gen Y