Nespresso extends its Pure Origin range to Ethiopian beans

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd January 2014
Nespresso extends its Pure Origin range to Ethiopian beans

Espresso machine and coffee giant Nespresso has announced a new permanent addition to its Grand Cru Pure Origin Range: the Bukeela ka Ethiopia.

Nespresso said the addition is “a tribute to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee”. The name Bukeela ka Ethiopia means “beans from Ethiopia”, drawn from Amharic, which is the main language of economy and business in Ethiopia. The introduction of Bukeela ka Ethiopia is the first time Nespresso’s coffee experts have looked to Ethiopia and that the region was “renowned for its exquisite floral coffees”.

Bukeela ka Ethiopia is also the first Lungo in the Nespresso Pure Origin range. Lungo is Italian for ‘long’, and refers to the coffee beverage made with an espresso shot and much more water, which “lengthens” the shot.

Nespresso said its coffee experts have been working with coffee farmers in the Southern region of Sidama and the elevated plateaus of Western Ethiopia to create the first Pure Origin Lungo Grand Cru, made from Arabica beans only. According to Nespresso,  the coffee has a “distinct aroma of jasmine, white lily, bergamot and orange blossom, with wild notes of musk and wood”.

The blend can also be drunk as a caffe latte.

Nespresso said the Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru has an intensity of 3 and joines Dulsao do Brasil (intensity 4), Rosabaya de Colombia (intensity 6) and Indriya from India (intensity 10).

Bukeela ka Ehtiopia is available from Nespressor Boutiques and online from 20 January 2014 for RRP $7.80 for a sleeve of 10 capsules.