SumoSalad switches to ‘free-range’ chicken

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th February 2014
SumoSalad switches to ‘free-range’ chicken

Salad fast food retailer SumoSalad has announced it is making the switch to ‘free-range’ chicken in response to “growing consumer concern for animal welfare”.

SumoSalad said it would begin serving ‘free-range’ chicken in all of its 90 plus franchise stores across Australia from 30 January 2014. The Company said the switch to ‘free-range’ would make it “the only fast food chain in Australian food courts to serve free-range chicken across their entire menu”. It said the move is the “first of many” for the brand, which intends to roll out a number of innovations throughout 2014.

“At SumoSalad, we firmly believe that the fresher the produce, the better the taste,” said Luke Baylis, Owner and Co-founder of SumoSalad. “The switch to ‘free-range’ chicken ensures we continue to deliver our customers a high quality, tasty product, while also balancing our social responsibility to do the right thing,” he said.

From 30 January 2014, SumoSalad said all chicken products sold at its stores will have been certified with the RSPCA Blue Tick standards and will undergo annual audits, along with spot audits to “guarantee that they have been humanely farmed from paddock to plate”.

To celebrate the switch to ‘free-range’, SumoSalad has released four new ‘free-range’ chicken tender salads to its menu: Spicy Devil Chicken, Crumbed Chicken Caesar, Summer Chicken and Pete Evans’ Chicken Detox Salad with Chia Seeds.

The ‘free-range’ chicken is sourced from Tegal Free Range Farms, and SumoSalad said they are “pasture raised outdoors, with fresh air, sunshine, space to grow and delivered with no added hormones or genetic modifications”.

“At SumoSalad, we recognised that we need to adapt to the wants and needs of our customers,” Mr Baylis said. “With growing concern for the heinous conditions of battery farming, it was time for us to find a way to make the switch to free-range. Now, I’m delighted that all of our SumoSalad stores can serve our customers delicious free-range chicken salads at an affordable price to offer the value for money we’re known for,” he said.